There is some transit trouble, which some people might call a metro-fail.
Broken escalators and elevators at many Metromover stations have caused problems for riders.
At some stations, the elevators and escalators have been out for a year.
For two weeks, 7 Investigates has been documenting the maintenance mess.
A week after we contacted the Miami-Dade Mayor’s office, the mayor is now speaking out.
Mike Sheridan rides the Metromover five days a week.
Mike Sheridan: “So my spouse takes the car to go to work and I’ll take the Metro.”
Nearly a half-million people ride the Metromover every month. A free service that makes stops across downtown Miami and Brickell.
But you can’t get on the train without first getting up onto the train platform.
For some, that is easier said than done.
Mike Sheridan: “So you can see here that the escalators out as well as the elevator. So if you were a disabled person, there’s literally no way down other than the stairs.”
We found elevators and escalators broken at several stops.
The signs are everywhere, “out of service,” “under repair,” “under renovation.”
This woman had to drag her walker up the stairs before boarding.
A man in a wheelchair told us he was trying to get to a doctor’s appointment but he had no way to get down.
Mike Sheridan: “So they have to get back onto the train and then go to a stop where they’re potentially is a working elevator, and then use a walker or a wheelchair and literally walk blocks in order to get where they need to go.”
We met Donald Anderson as he navigated down the stairs after work.
Karen Hensel: “I take it you do construction.”
Donald Anderson: “Oh.”
Karen Hensel: “Are you alright? Your knee. Is it your knee?”
Donald Anderson: “Yeah it’s a trick knee.”
He was taking it one step at a time while also lugging his gear and cooler.
Karen Hensel: “So twice a day you’re trying to do the stairs?”
Donald Anderson: “It’s the only way I can get here to get to work on time.”
Donald is concerned about falling, but with escalators and elevators out, he has no choice.
Donald Anderson: “You can only do what you gotta do. You have to go to work and make the money.”
Miami-Dade County is aware of the problem.
It posts a list online of the elevators and escalators out of service online so riders can check ahead of time.
But look at this sign at the Adrienne Arsht Center Station.
Until Monday, it said the elevator was expected to be back in service in April. But by Tuesday, its been pushed another two months to June.
Train announcement: “Attention please, elevators are out of service. Please exit in an accessible station closest to your destination.”
Mayor Daniella Levine Cava: “We are very concerned and are escalating our efforts.”
Mayor Daniella Levine Cava addressed the maintenance mess, Tuesday.
Mayor Levine Cava: “We are working extremely hard to get accountability from our vendor and to make sure that we can get these units operating as quickly as possible. We get timelines from them. There’s parts that are on backorder. We’re looking at solutions like buying parts on our own.”
The vendor responsible for maintaining most of them is Schindler Elevator.
The company tells us: “We are currently awaiting county approval to replace this old, outdated equipment,” but stating, “95 percent,” of their units, “Are currently operating in good working order.”
We did find some work being done but that’s little comfort for double amputee Leroy Jenkins.
Without a working elevator, Leroy can’t get to the Metromover. So he has to take two buses to get where he needs to be.
Leroy Jenkins/rides metromover: “Please fix the elevator, please fix the elevator. It needs to be fixed. I’m handicapped, a double amputee, I need to move on the elevator.”
For many Metromover is a metro-fail. One they hope will be fixed soon.
Miami-Dade County officials plan to meet with disability advocacy groups, and they also want to launch a new service to pick up disabled riders on demand.
Meanwhile, they are scheduled to meet with the vendors Wednesday.
Karen Hensel, 7News.

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