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Jun 24, 2020 8:30 AM
thyssenkrupp Elevator offers digital solution based on its revolutionary predictive maintenance platform MAX free of charge for hospitals in Brazil, France, and the US
Reliability and availability of elevators is systemically relevant
MAX enabled elevators can be monitored and diagnosed remotely
thyssenkrupp Elevator is offering digital solution packages based on its cloud driven predictive maintenance platform MAX for free to hospitals and other medical facilities that are especially impacted by COVID-19. The special offer applies in France, Brazil, and the US.
“There are over 130,000 connected elevator and escalator units with MAX globally. Among them are numerous units in hospitals and medical facilities in Brazil, France, and the US. In times of COVID-19, many hospitals are working at the capacity limit and need absolutely reliable medical, technical, and logistical equipment. On the other hand, technicians should minimize their physical presence in those institutions for safety reasons – that’s what makes a remote and predictive service so valuable. Solutions such as MAX ensure a trouble-free transport of patients and materials and are thereby systemically relevant, too. That’s why we provide the service free of charge,” says Peter Walker, CEO at thyssenkrupp Elevator.
MAX allows technicians to monitor elevators remotely and to identify an issue even before it occurs to prevent critical failure and downtime. thyssenkrupp Elevator’s MAX predictive maintenance solution is critical in ensuring quick, comfortable, and secure transport of patients, doctors, nurses, and supplies. Every single failure of an elevator would result in a decrease of transportation capacity. Forcing more passengers into limited cabin space would potentially render social distancing efforts ineffective. The current free digital offer varies between six and twelve months depending on the country.
All in all, there are over 130,000 connected units with MAX installed all over the world. Being the world’s first predictive maintenance solution MAX offers significant higher availability and transparency than conventional maintenance approaches. Thereby, thyssenkrupp Elevator offers specific digital packages to fit the local customers’ needs.
As the challenges of urban mobility grow, thyssenkrupp Elevator transforms the way of delivering services. Especially regarding critical infrastructure in hospitals and other institutions, it is crucial to prevent any failure or downtime. The industry’s first real-time predictive service solution keeps elevators operating smoothly while slashing downtime up to 50 percent. MAX continuously monitors the elevators’ functions and sends machine data to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in real-time where it is analyzed using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate actionable insights to improve service quality, equipment reliability and availability.
“With MAX, thyssenkrupp Elevator is proving how manufacturing companies can digitize their businesses to optimize their operations and seize new business opportunities. By providing their services to hospitals, they are making an essential contribution to the health worker community in these unprecedented times as they help prevent failure and downtime of critical infrastructure and create a safer work environment for service engineers,“ said Çağlayan Arkan, Vice President Manufacturing at Microsoft.
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