Repairs on the primary elevators at Carlsbad Caverns National Park are expected to begin after a contract was awarded to complete the project.
According to a news release from the park, the $4 million project was awarded to California-based Tutor Perini Corporation.
“We are extremely excited to begin this project that will result in a brand new, extremely reliable elevator system at the park,” said park Superintendent Doug Neighbor in a news release. “We are eager to serve the visiting public more safely, efficiently and reliably.”
The elevators went out of service in November 2015 after a six-inch motor shaft broke, leaving the elevator car hanging 600 feet down in the hoistway.
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Valerie Gohlke, spokeswoman for the park, said the company will repair the elevator cars, pulleys and controllers.
The company, she said, previously installed LED lighting at the park.
“We’re really looking forward to having a modernized elevator for our visitors and employers,” Gohlke said.
Awarding contracts for park-site construction and repairs are completed by National Park Service’s Denver contracting office.
According to the Denver Service Center, which manages the contracting services office, major steps in a design-build contract include market research, solicitation reviews, request for proposal and evaluation.
The center has worked with Carlsbad Caverns National Park on past elevator issues.
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Funding sources that could be used for park-site projects include the Federal Land Recreation Enhancement Act, repair and rehabilitation funds, the park fee recreation program and donations.
Gohlke said with the contract awarded, Tutor Perini Corporation will have two weeks to begin the repairs. 
The project is expected to be complete by summer 2018.
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