The Heritage Center in Springfield has finished its 2017 levy-funded projects, including elevator updates and solar panels installed on the roof of Expo Hall.
The levy helped the center take care of the building, from paying for run-of-the-mill maintenance expenses to large capital projects and repairs.
“It’s a great feeling that we got everything done and working properly,” said Roger Sherrock, executive director.
The center has now finished two key projects, including replacing the electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components of the elevators, and installing solar panels on Exposition Hall (also known as Expo Hall) in the annex building.
The total cost of the two projects was $445,401, including $94,401 for the solar panels and $351,000 for elevators.
Garber Electric installed solar panels on the roof of Expo Hall, which are to help run a more energy-efficient building reduce operational costs. Sherrock said the panels will generate 25 kilowatts.

“We are estimating that in a monthly period, it would save around 9-10 kilowatt hours per month,” he said. “We use about 10 times that much in a month, so we are estimating it will save us about 10% each month.”
The panels will also “play a pivotal role inside.” The displays in the annex are divided into industries, but are united in the theme of power. Therefore, Garber Electric will install a solar panel on the north wall that will allow the galleries to be “past and future-focused, telling a continuing story of how Clark County harnesses human, animal, and natural power,” officials said.
PEAK Elevator completed work on all three elevators, so “no more stairs or crossing half the building” to get to the library and archives. The work done will extend the lifespan of the elevators, give the center an opportunity to modernize and allow them to install emergency phones and link the elevators to the security system.
Some of the other projects that have been completed include replacing gutters, replacing the HVAC system, installing LED lighting in the galleries and offices, repairing and replacing windows, upgrading the fire suppression system and installing new pavers on Fountain Avenue and Center Street.
“Without these funds, we wouldn’t be able to keep our facility operating for the community,” Heritage Center officials said on its website.
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