The golden rule of elevator safety states “its either you’re in or out.”
By Emmanuella Aina 713-743-0247

      They are more engaged in the residential community due to a higher amount of maintenance repair calls resulting from the frequency of use of student housing elevators by students. There however exists some mismanagement on the part of elevator users that can contribute to continuous elevator malfunctioning. In order to reduce the amount of calls regarding elevator mishaps, the Elevator shop has come up with some important safety tips for operating elevators. They state:
      Educating the campus community on how to effectively operate elevators will significantly reduce the amount of breakdown calls. It is important to adhere to these tips in order to prevent delay in transportation within any building on the University campus.
      To report elevators and lifts not functioning properly, please contact the FIXIT Customer Service Center at 713-743-4948.
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