When elevator parts are maintained monthly or more frequently depending on the elevator’s use, building owners may save tens of thousands of dollars in future repairs as well as unnecessary out of service time.
Champion offers a hi-level complimentary survey and elevator report to all building owners and managers.  This is the best way for everyone to get on the same page about the existing equipment’s condition quickly.
Champion Elevator President Donald Gelestino has heard the same phrase over his 35+ years in the elevator business “Your Business Must Have its Ups and Downs”…  Like most people and companies when you combine that phrase with COVID you may create a roller coaster of emotion, decisions, and hardship, but Team Champion used this crisis as an opportunity.
When the US government created the PPP funding program Champion’s finance team was one of the first to apply and be approved for 3.4mil in relief. Champions President, after receiving the funds returned the funds so that they can be disbursed to others more in need. The funds granted to champion would not have been converted to a loan or had to be paid back ever… Full forgiveness!  Furthermore, Champion has over 40 elevator modernization teams in which many jobs were shut down, delayed, or even cancelled. Champion rose to the occasion and did not lay off one employee. Mr. Gelestino and his team saw the opportunity and need for their employees and customers. Due to COVID and knowing everyone was only placing only half the people in an elevator means the elevators were going to run twice as much. Team Champion took their displaced employees and put them on the co-op, condo, and residential rental type building to perform additional maintenance so that the elevators ran their very best!  This was a win / win for the employees and customers.  The company absorbed the costs and showed a significant loss  but that is what a true champion does states the team… We do our very best, we may not win every time, but we play with heart, we foster relationships, and we build culture.

Champion very proudly won the 2020 Elevator World Ellies Award for “Best Family-Owned Company” in the United States!!! Champion was also awarded the $40mil 180-elevator maintenance & modernization project at Co-op City located in Bronx, NY. “Through dedication, hard work, honesty, and transparency we were fortunate enough to be awarded this once in a lifetime project” states Vice President Joseph Corrado. Team Champion is more that 50% complete with this job and is ahead of schedule and budget.
In 2015 when Champion Elevator was created, there were a hand full of staff including Donna Scibetta, Robert Zalud, Joseph Corrado and President Donald Gelestino. As the team grew and hand selected the team that now is Champion, they have some of the best talent in the business. Chief Technical Development Officer Mr. Robert Masterson who currently runs the $40+mil Co-Op City modernization project  is also knows for being instrumental in writing the maintenance control program for One World Trade Center, Ron McCrummen the teams CFO has taken companies from $2mil valuations into the billions, Rob Monforte who is the President of Maintenance Operations has Experience from Millar Elevator and operating a big book of business for Schindler in the past.  The list goes on as you dig deep into this company’s roots. Champion has some of the best troubleshoots in the industry and a safety plan which is spearheaded by safety industry leaders such as Louis DeLoreto and Ed Bulakites.  Ms. Donna Scibetta runs the Testing and Violations Department and has been working with Mr. Gelestino since 1990.  Mr. Gelestino states “Champion has a Testing and Inspection Department Second to None”.
Champions official corporate headquarters is located at 1450 Broadway, New York, NY. In addition to that location Champion has a Long Island branch, a Connecticut / Massachusetts branch, and a New Jersey / Pennsylvania Branch.  All branches house thousands of elevator parts so they can react to the service needs of their clients.

Amy DiPaolo, Senior Vice president of New Jersey Operations says ”we are thankful every day to the loyal customers and dedicated people who are working at Champion Elevator, without them, none of this would be possible”.
Champion Elevator Corp is a privately owned company, founded by President and CEO Donald Gelestino in September 2015. Champion currently services 4000+/- elevators monthly in NY, NJ, PA, CT, and MA.  Champion has 300+/- employees ready to service, modernize, repair, test, and install elevators.
Champion Elevator is big enough to handle all jobs, but small enough to shake your hand.   Check us out at  or call Champion 212-292-4430.
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