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Dubai Municipality’s Public Health and Safety Department has launched a new building-permit checklist to be implemented by its Building Inspection section.
The 70-point checklist covers all aspects of building safety, including air and water quality and safety aspects of a building’s facilities.
“Our water-quality tests include swimming pools, cooling towers, hot and cold shower water as well as fountains and all water used for decoration purposes,” said Eng Sultan Eisa Al Suwaidi, Head of the Public Safety Section.
The inspection system had included separate inspections of the various elements associated with building safety, but now all these elements had been included in a single system, which simplified procedures and reduced the number of inspection visits.
Other elements to be inspected included elevators, emergency exits, fire systems, electrical connections, storage areas, lighting systems, guidance signs in public facilities and emergency gathering areas.
“Each violation incurs certain fines according to Local Order No 11 for 2003 and the approved attached list of violations,” said Al Suwaidi.
“We inspect the water systems and their periodic maintenance and test water samples regularly. If a problem is diagnosed in the swimming pool, for example, the pool would be temporarily closed until the problem is treated and a new sample proves that the problem had been solved,” he said.
“With regard to air quality, we check the proximity of fresh-air handling units and to potential pollution sources, and regular maintenance of ventilation and air-con systems, as well as filters and ventilation ducts,” said Al Suwaidi.
The air temperature must be between 22.5 to 25 degrees Celsius and the humidity between 30% and 60%. Air samples are tested for physical and chemical pollutants such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, organic components and bacterial content.
Violations checklist
General Safety
• None-compliance of licensed activities.
• Moving parts of lift gear for elevators are not guarded
• Using lift room/electric room/fire pump room/fire fighting equipment cabinets for storage of material.
• Fire exit layout sign is not provided.
• Windows/balcony door opening violations.
• Heat/smoke detectors are not provided in the rooms/corridors/outlets.
• Fire alarm and main panel violations.
• Fire extinguishers are expired/not provided.
• General maintenance of the building.
• Using the building without permission/unsafely.
• Improper ventilation and lighting violations.
• Facility for disposing gas/fumes and heat is not provided/inadequate.
• Maintenance of safety equipment.
Air Quality
• Indoor air pollutants in concentrations higher than acceptable limits.
• Improper ventilation
• Indoor air-quality requirements are not implemented.
• Air filters unsuitable or unclean or missing.
• Unclean ducts/air ducts insulation enhancing micro-organism growth.
• Unsuitable location of fresh-air inlets (should be at least 25 feet away from potential pollution sources). Occupancy higher than recommended to maintain good indoor air quality.
• Poor maintenance of A/C.
• Smoking rooms without separate air-con/ ventilation systems.
• Water tanks not periodically maintained/no records.
• No record for water test results.
• Violating health conditions/requirements related to water quality used inside buildings (except drinking).
• Water system cleaning and maintenance company not approved.
• Water pollutants in concentrations higher than acceptable limits.
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