Building maintenance encompasses a range of essential services to ensure the proper function and upkeep of state-funded facilities, utilities, and infrastructure. This department is responsible for performing maintenance and repair tasks, which includes preventive maintenance to prevent issues before they occur, addressing deferred maintenance, and promptly responding to trouble calls to resolve any unexpected problems. These tasks are crucial in maintaining the optimal operational condition of the facilities.  Additionally, building maintenance also extends its services to accommodate alterations requested by customers.
Building maintenance is typically organized into different specialized shops. The General Maintenance shop handles general upkeep and minor repairs across various areas of the building. The Electric Shop is responsible for electrical maintenance and addressing any electrical-related issues. The Plumbing Shop oversees the maintenance and repairs of plumbing systems, including pipes, fixtures, and drainage. The HVAC Shop takes care of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, ensuring their proper function. The Lock & Key Shop handles the maintenance and repair of locks and keys, ensuring the security of the campus facilities.  In addition to in-house maintenance, building maintenance may also engage outside contractors for specific services which include elevator maintenance to keep the elevators in optimal working order as well as pest control services.


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