SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – A 20-story public housing complex for seniors on Waters Avenue has had a number of elevator issues over the years.
Recently, both of their passenger elevators were out of service and took two days to get fixed.
Stillwell Towers is no stranger to problems with their elevators. It serves as housing for the elderly and people with disabilities.
The Housing Authority of Savannah says they’re working on a solution.
A $1.4 million solution.
Housing Authority Director Earline Davis says they’ve contracted with Otis Elevator Company to replace the three elevators inside Stillwell Towers.
She says the building currently has two passenger elevators and a freight elevator, for moving equipment, that’s not being used. She says technicians are supposed to respond if an elevator is down within two hours.
The replacement project has been in the works since the middle of last year but Davis says there are reasons the elevators are taking a while to replace.
“It’s a slow process because they have to remove everything including the cables and rebuild and replace it all. Then they have to have a period for testing because you don’t want an elevator that lifts people 20 stories to not function properly,” Housing Authority Director Earline Davis said.
A date for when those new elevators will be up and running is not clear yet but we do know it should done sometime mid next year.
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