SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – After years of complaints from Stillwell Towers residents who got stuck after the elevators broke, the long awaited $1.4 million construction project began Tuesday.
The 20-story apartment complex has had a number of issues over the years, but most know about the elevators that stopped working frequently.
In the middle of 2022, Stillwell Towers began the process of replacing three of its elevators after years of issues with maintenance.
Stillwell is a high-rise operated by the Savannah Housing Authority and offers affordable housing for the elderly and disabled. Stanley Mosley’s mother has been a resident on the 7th floor for nearly 30 years. Her age and health make getting around tough.
“She is not able to climb the stairs. She is solely dependent on the elevator, and she is in a manual wheelchair,” said Stanley Mosley.
Mosley says that the residents have stuck together especially when situations with elevators have come up.
“Fortunately, we have not had any emergency but the residents are really considerate if the elevators, if a couple of them are down. They will let those in need and with the least mobility exit first.”
The Housing Authority contracted Otis Elevator Company to make this replacement and they expect to have the project completed by October of 2024.
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